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Asfixia Social is a band with Punk Rock, Reggae and Hip Hop influences, with freedom ideology, not limited to an specific style, flirting with ROCK, RAP, SKA, HARDCORE, BRAZILIAN MUSIC, and much more, in a true crossover of references that dialogue with the authenticity of the streets. Like they say themselves: THE SOUND IS FROM THE STREETS TO THE STREETS!

Those who know the underground scene have probably seen Asfixia Social arriving in a graffiti-covered Kombi for always energetic shows. After releasing the albums "Da Rua pra Rua" and "Sistema de Soma", the band released the EP "Ao vivo na Showlivre" and concluded their second European tour. They promise to release new singles in the second half of 2023: "Tiro no Escuro" (feat MV Bill) and "Traffic Lights" (feat John Keithley - D.O.A.), which set the stage for their new album of original songs in 2024!


Directly from the South Side of São Paulo

Over the years, Asfixia Social has been participating of important music festivals like Rebellion 2022 (UK), Haltpop 2022 (Nederlands), Chauffer dans la Noirceur 2022 (France), Punx Picnic 2022 (UK), Treibsand Freiland 2019 (Germany), Paranapiacaba Winter Festival 2019, São Paulo International Music Week 2018, River Rock Festival 2017 and the Art Biennial of Havana 2015. With projects related to the street culture, the band was claimed by several cultural awards and highlights in the media - including TV and radios in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and USA - and is also linked to social and educational actions in the favelas of São Paulo.

2007Group formation between Belenzinho (East Zone of São Paulo) and Paulicéia (S. B. do Campo) - SP, Brazil.
2008Release of the demo-album "A Guerra na tua porta" at Catumbi Square (Belenzinho) - São Paulo, Brazil.

2009 - “Asfixia Social tour 2009” with 12 shows in squares of Greater São Paulo - SP, Brazil.
Cover of Periferia Magazine - Year 3 - Number 27 - São Paulo, Brazil.
Release of the single “Loko” - São Paulo, Brazil.
– Anniversary Show of the city of São Bernardo do Campo (City Hall) with Z'África Brasil - SP, Brazil.
2010 – Ministry of Culture Award (Brazil): Zumaluma Hip Hop Center - Embu das Artes - SP, Brazil
2011 - Participation in the DVD of the Punk Na Páskoa Festival 2011 - Hangar110 - São Paulo, Brazil.
2012 - Release of the album “Da Rua Pra Rua” in Vinyl 12 ”(participations of Z'África Brasil and BNegão) - Hamburg, Germany.

– Release of the music video for "Censura Não" (participation of Marcos - Agrotoxico /Olho Seco) na MTV Brasil.
– Interview with Kaneda and Zumaluma Hip Hop Center for SPTV (Rede Globo) and Paratodos Program (TV Brasil).
– Show at the Final of the Brazilian Downhill Skate Circuit with Z'África Brasil and Kamau - Santana de Parnaíba - SP, Brazil.
– Show at Santa Gertrudes Skateboarding Championship with Shadow MC (SNJ) - Santa Gertrudes - SP, Brazil.
– Recording of the album “Da Rua pra Rua” - live - at Rádio Brasil 2000 - São Paulo, Brazil.
– Agent of Culture Award - Ministry of Culture - among the 200 best socio-cultural projects in Brazil.

2013 - Release of the music video for “Da Rua pra Rua”, recorded in Belo Horizonte (MG), Serra Talhada and Caruaru (PE).
- Interview at “Coquetel Molotov”, on the 99.9 FM University radio - Recife - PE, Brazil.
Festival "Da Rua Pra Rua" (6 years of Asfixia Social) - Vila Paulicéia / Vila São José, SBCampo / Diadema - SP, Brazil.
2014 - Show at the Integrated Arts Festival - FAI - with Ação Direta, at São Bernardo do Campo Skateboard - SP, Brazil.
- Participation with the XPTO theater group at the Festival de la Union Internationale de La Marionnette – UNIMA - Matanzas, Cuba.
- Participation with the theater group XPTO in the Winter Festival of Bonito - MS, Brazil.
- Release of the Live Documentary DVD “Asfixia Social - From Street to Street” - São Paulo, Brazil.
- First Northeast Asfixia Social Tour - Maceió, Recife, João Pessoa and União dos Palmares, Brazil.
- Interview for the Connection-Periphery Program, by radio Litoral 95.5 FM - Maceió - AL, Brazil.
- Interview for the Kaya Program in Real and release of the DVD "Asfixia Social - Da Rua Pra Rua" by TV Maceió - AL, Brazil.
- Hip Hop Culture Award 2014 - FUNARTE - among the 30 best HipHop projects in Brazil.
- “Rua da Rua” Festival (7 years of Asfixia Social) - Diadema / SBCampo - São Paulo, Brazil.
2015 - DVD “Da Rua Pra Rua” among the “100 Albums of 2014 You Must Know” - Blog Nada Pop, Brazil.
– Release of the music video for “500 Anos de Contradição” (participation by Funk Buia and DJ Tano Z'África Brazil) - Brazil.
- Launch of the mini documentary “Asfixia Socia - Northeast Tour 2014” by TV Maceió - AL, Brazil.
- Interior Tour of São Paulo 2015 with Asfixia Social and Street Meat (Canada) - SP, Brazil.
- Production of the soundtrack for the movie “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” (52min. / Oloeaê Filmes, 2015) - SP, Brazil.
- Show at “Okupalco” during São Paulo Cultural Virada 2015 - Vale do Anhangabaú - São Paulo, Brazil.
- Asfixia Social makes the first tour abroad, recording the documentary DVD “Cuba Punk: Asfixia Social” including 10 shows in the island, like at the Cuban Art Factory (Havana) and Trinidad - Cuba.
- Interviews for Radio Trinidad and the international correspondent for Sveriges TV (Sweden) - Cuba.
- Release of the version of “Bloqueio Mental” (Cólera) for the SUB Collection Tribute (1983) - SP, Brazil.
- Show with the Australian band Spy vs Spy, in Sao Paulo, at Clash Club - Sao Paulo, Brazil.
- Release of the DVD-Documentary “Cuba Punk - Asfixia Social” - SP, Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” is featured in the “XXV Curta Cinema” (RJ) and winner of the “Cinecipó Popular Jury 2015” (MG) - Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” is the winner of the “Popular Jury Award” of the IX Audiovisual Show of Campinas, SP - Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” is the winner of the “Special Jury Award” at the XI Lorena Film Festival, SP - Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” in poster at the RECAM International Festival (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela).
- Da Rua Pra Rua Festival 2015 (SBCampo / Diadema / Bauru / Jaú) is featured in the F. de S. Paulo Guide and ABCD Maior Journal, Brazil.
- First Tour Sistema de Som(a) 2015 (10 shows) after the opening of the Festivala da Rua pra Rua 2015, SP - Brazil;
- Show at the Art In Home Festival with Rapper Dexter - Morro Doce, SP - Brazil;
2016 - “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” on display at the Festival Against the Silence All Las Voces - Mexico City, Mexico.
– “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” on display at the Independent Claypole Cine Festival - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” on display at the Cachoeira Doc Festival - Cachoeira - BA, Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” on display at Fest. Short Entertainment and Fest. Paulo Short Film Festival - Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” on display at the Anarchist and Punk Film Festival of São Paulo - SP, Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” on display at Vila Flores Audiovisual Week in Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” exhibited by TVE - RS, Brazil.
- “O Sepulcro do Gato Preto” is the winner of the “2016 Eder Mazini Assembly Award” - São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
- "O Sepulcro do Gato Preto" in special session of Exhibition and Interview for the Entertainment Program (TVT Network) - SP, Brazil.
- Documentary “Cuba Punk - Asfixia Social” on display at Cine Matilha Cultural - São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
- Show at Lado Punk do ABC Festival, with Cólera, Olho Seco and Dr. Mao (Garotos Podres) - S.B. Do Campo - SP, Brazil.
- Da Rua Pra Rua Festival 2016 has 3 days of programming in Diadema and São Bernardo do Campo - SP, Brazil.
- Tour “Asfixia Social Northeast 2016” and coverage of the Program “Conexão Periférica” on TV Maceió - AL, Brazil.
- Beginning of recordings of the album “Sistema de Soma” and illustration workshops that originated the book in 7 public schools in the metropolitan region of São Paulo - Brazil.
2017 - Show at the Underground Culture 5 ”Festival, in Rio Claro - SP, Brazil.
– Show at “Palco Test” during the “Virada Cultural” of São Paulo 2017 - Vale do Anhangabaú - São Paulo, Brazil.
– Lado Punk do ABC Festival 2017, with Inocentes, Célera and Ação Direta, in São Bernardo do Campo - SP, Brazil.
– Show at River Rock Festival 2017, with Cólera - in Indaial - SC, Brazil.
– Festival Da Rua Pra Rua 2017 has 2 days of programming and participation of GOG (DF) and Favela Soul (AL) - SBCampo, SP, Brazil.

2018 - Release of the singles "Sistema de Som(a)", "Quem Sobra", "Nóiz Tem a Vós" and "Do começo ao Fim" featuring Bocato (trombone), Gabriel Rosati (trumpet), DJ Tano ( Z'Africa Brazil), MC Bux (Loucos de la mente), El Cepe MC (La Invaxión A Ocidente), Franja (percussion), Petróleo (CPF a Tríade) and Mao (Garotos Podres).
- Show on the Rock Stage of São André City Anniversary - SP, Brazil.
- Sum System Festival, with Família Sabotage, A Tríade CPF, Loucos D'La Mente Orquestra Multicultural Brasílica - SP, Brazil.
- Release of the song "Sistema de Som (a)" at Radio Kiss FM (São Paulo, SP), FDP Show - with Clemente Nascimento and at Educator Radio Star FM of Jaguariúna, SP.
- Festival Lado Punk ABCD, with Cólera - Diadema, SP, Brazil.
- Indaiatuba Rock Festival, with Inocentes - Indaiatuba, SP, Brazil.
- Rock Festival at the Station, SESC São Carlos - São Carlos, SP, Brazil.
- Release of the song "Quem Sobra" in the playlist "Spotify Brasil" and "Nóiz Tem à Vós" by the Blog “Tenho mais discos que Amigos”.
- Da Rua Pra Rua Festival 2018 -  featuring Mao (Garotos Podres), Dexter, MV Bill & Kmila CDD. Santo André, SP, Brazil.
- Show on the official programme of the International Music Week - SIM São Paulo 2018, with Clemente & A Fantástica Banda Sem Nome. São Paulo Brazil.
- Release of the song "Do Começo ao Fim" in the programming of Radio Rock 89 FM (Sao Paulo), Heavy Pero no Mucho show - with Thiago Deejay.
2019 - Release of the single "Get Ready (O Começo)", featuring Karen Santana, Jônatas Petróleo, Beto Firmino and Carlos Peixoto, with cover in partnership with the Spanish graffiti artist Sr.X.
- Show at São Paulo Hip Hop Festival – at Centro Cultural Grajaú and Show at Jahdema Festival at Fábrica de Cultura de Diadema, Brazil.
- Asfixia Social at the main stage of the XIX Winter Festival of Paranapiacaba 2019, Brazil.
- Asfixia Social at Festival Lado Punk ABCD, with Fogo Cruzado, Subviventes, Barata DZK, São Paulo, Brazil. 
- Release of the single and lyric video of "A Cara do Inimigo" featuring rapper GOG, DJ Tano and Vozes Poéticas - VOPO group.
- European Tour "Where's Democracy? Not in Brazil ...", premiering at the Rebellion Festival (UK) and performing at Liverpool, Whitchurch, Buxton, Manchester, Derby (with Los Fastidios), Manchester (with Los Fastidios), London (with Los Fastidios), Wormerveer (Netherlands), Amsterdam, Hoorn (Netherlands), Rochlitz (Germany) at Festival Treibsand Freiland, Berlin and releasing the Book and Album at Setúbal (Portugal).
- Brazilian release of the Book + CD: "Sistema de Soma: A Quebrada Constrói" with debate and full presentation to journalists, public and special guests at Tapera-Taperá Bookstore in Oct / 19.
- Release of "Strong Roots" (Raízes Fortes) videoclipe in December 2019, recorded at Favela do Boqueirão, São Paulo, Brazil.
2020 – Asfixia Social performs at Skarnaval 2020, São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil.
– Show for the “Rebellion Festival 2020”, UK – online. Blackpool, England.
– Show for the Month of Hip Hop 2020 - online. São Paulo Brazil.
– First season of Da Rua pra Rua show on TVT Networks. São Paulo Brazil.
– Release of the album “Sistema de Soma” 10 songs and film in studio, in July 2020.
– Asfixia Social & GOG at Casa de Cultura São Rafael - online. São Paulo Brazil.
– Asfixia Social on Educa Podcast, with Adriana de Barros - online. Brazil.
2021 – Asfixia Social in the Program of the Conecta+ Event - Revista Música e Mercado – online. São Paulo Brazil.
– Release of “Social Assassins” single with rapper GOG, DJ Tano (Z'África Brasil) and Carlos Peixoto (Tequilla Bomb), Brazil.
- Worldwide release of the single and videoclip of "No Censorship 2021".

– Shows at the festivals Punk Rock 77 Rio de Janeiro (with Cólera), 
Punk Rock 77 Campinas (with Ratos de Porão) and Rock in Far Festival (Fartura, SP, with Dead Fish and Detonautas), Brazil.
– Mini-tour Asfixia Social & Cólera through São Carlos, Americana, Ribeirão Preto and São José do Rio Preto, SP - Brazil.
– Second european tour through England, France, Nederlands, Germany and Scottland, including festivais Chauffer dans la Noirceur (FR), Haltpop (NL), Punx Picnic (UK) and Rebellion (UK).
– Mini-tour Asfixia Social & GOG throughout São Paulo, including Festival Sabotage Vive 2022 - SP, Brazil.

– Asfixia Social & Cólera at Intravenosa Fest - São Paulo, Brazil.
– Show at the Month of Hip Hop 2023 - SP, Brazil
– Release of the single and videoclip "Tiro no Escuro" (Shot in the Dark) - Asfixia Social & MV Bill - São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
– Show at festivals Rock Rio Pardo (with Supla and Charlie Brown Jr) and Paranapiacaba Winter Festival 2023.


New Album - Bleeding in the Sun (April 2024)
– New UK & Europe Tour (Jun 2024)




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