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The Band - Asfixia Social

Since 2007 on the road, Asfixia Social has performed hundreds of shows in Brazil and abroad, having released 3 studio albums and 2 DVDs - live in São Paulo and live in Cuba, becoming one of the most active independent bands of Brazil.

From the energetic shows to the intense activism, the band caught the attention of public and media to the originality of their sound and mix between rap, punk, brazilian music, ska, dub, hardcore, jazz, reggae, funk, metal and lyrics that portray the daily life of the group in the outskirts of São Paulo - Brazil.

Their third album "Sistema de Soma" (2020) brings all that energy and diversity, also present at the groups' lastest singles "Assassinos Sociais" (2021) and "Censura Não 2021" (2021) rocking hip hop and hardcore punk to the essence.


The band consolidated the actual line up with Kaneda Mukhtar (Vocals, Rhymes, Trumpet and Trombone), Rafael Santos (guitars and vocals), Leonardo Oliveira (Bass and Vocals), Marcelo Sampaio (guitars and vocals) and Rodrigo Silva (Drums).

The albums "Sistema de Som(a)" (2020) and "Da Rua Pra Rua" (2011) led the band to the Hip Hop Culture Prize 2014 (National Foundation of Arts) and to several festivals in Brazil and abroad, like River Rock 2017 (Brazil), the Art Bienalle of Havana 2015 (Cuba) and Rebellion Festival 2019 (England).

All lyric videos were recorded in studio and are part of the group's new album "Sistema de Soma", which was also released in a CD + Book format containing all lyrics and illustrations of more than 1000 students from 10 public schools of São Paulo, where the group held workshops of poetry, hip hop and concerts.

Inspired by the partnership with rapper GOG and by the european tour named "Where's Democracy, not in Brazil", the band released in 2021 the singles "Assassinos Sociais" and "Censura Não 2021", rising with brazilian people against the actual fascist government in the country. In a worldwide movement to dennounce the violence of power against humanity and nature, Asfixia Social recently announced a new EP with English lyrics to be release in Europe and UK in 2022.

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