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The Band - Asfixia Social

Since 2007 on the road, Asfixia Social has performed hundreds of shows in Brazil and abroad, having released 2 CDs and 2 DVDs - live in São Paulo and live in Cuba, becoming one of the most active independent bands of Brazil.

From the energetic shows to the intense activism, the band caught the attention of public and media to the originality of their sound and mix between rap, punk, brazilian music, ska, dub, hardcore, jazz, reggae, funk, metal and lyrics that portray the daily life of the group in the outskirts of São Paulo - Brazil.

In the new singles "Get Ready", "Sistema de Som(a)" , "Quem Sobra“, "Nóiz tem à Vós" and "Do começo ao fim", Asfixia Social shows the strength of its ideas and all musicality that will be present on their third album "Sistema de Soma: A quebrada constrói", already in mixing process and expected to be released in april 2019.


Produced by Marcelo Sampaio (Top Noise Studios) the album consolidates the group's line up with Kaneda Mukhtar (Vocals, Rhymes, Trumpet and Trombone), Rafael Santos (guitars and vocals), Leonardo Oliveira (Bass and Vocals) and Rodrigo Silva (Drums).

The single "Sistema de Som(a)" was the first release of Asfixia Social since the album "Da Rua Pra Rua" (2011), which led the band to win the Hip Hop Culture Prize 2014 (National Foundation of Arts) and to several festivals in Brazil and abroad, like River Rock 2017 and the Art Bienalle of Havana 2015, captured on the great DVD "Cuba Punk - Asfixia Social". 

The song (link below) is a mix of ska, rap, rock, samba, funk / soul, with many grooves, brass and guitar riffs, with the special collaborations of Brazilian trombonist Bocato, italian trumpetist Gabriel Rosati, samba singer Petróleo and DJ Tano (Z'África Brazil).

The second single "Quem Sobra" is even more acid, with rhymes that show the urgent need of change towards attitudes that segregate society and degrade individuals who accept to "play the game", while economies, minds and willings are controled by corporations all around the world.

Kaneda Mukhtar (Vocals and Rhymes) speaks about the slavery for money, in a society of "frustrated winners" due to a lack of clarity and superficiality.

"Quem Sobra" has a powerful guitar riff, which sustains ​​the strength of the rhymes and create a perfect groove for the special guests MC Bux (Loucos D'La Mente) and DJ Tano (Z'África Brasil) to make interventions that expose the most disgusting facts in Brazilian politics.

The third single is "Nóiz Tem à Vós", an international song with trombonist Bocato, the italian trumpetist Gabriel Rosati and the cuban El Cepe MC, from group La Invaxión a Occidente. Mixing funk, soul, rock, baião, ragga and rap, the group defines the track as R&P of "Roots and Poetry", speaking about the history and multiculturalism of the american countries.

The fourth single, "Do Começo ao Fim", brings the vital energy of the strife when we cannot accept what harms us, brings the inner force up to the last breath, and takes life as a collective cauldron where diversity is what unites us, from the beginning to the end, like a punk moshpit which would never exist without every single person's energy! The track features the special collaboration of José Rodrigues Mao Júnior, leader o legendary punk rock group Garotos Podres.

The fifth single, "Get Ready" features rapper Karen Santana, samba singer Jônatas Petróleo, selectah Carlos Peixoto, Beto Firmino on keyboards and Spanish urban artist Sr. X, with his graffiti wall "The Itching", at the Brick Lane, London. Get Ready is the opening song of the new Book & Album, about the importance of thoughts as the first matter to action. To think about how to live and recover your own energies in a morbid, stupid, lazy and rotten world. You tired? Think twice.


All lyric videos were recorded in studio and are part of the group's new album "Sistema de Soma: A Quebrada Constrói", which will be released in CD + Book format containing all lyrics and illustrations of more than 1000 students from 10 public schools of São Paulo, where the group held workshops of poetry, hip hop and concerts.

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